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Since When Did 158.3 Equal Perfect 1

Yesterday, the Fluffia Philadelphia Eagles’s Donovan McNabb had a perfect passing game, according the the NFL’s quarterback rating system. (No, I’m not an Eagles fan. I’m a Redskins fan, so life has no meaning for me. But I do like and respect McNabb, who has more class than do 50 Eagles fans in a bucket.)

The rating for a perfect passing game is 158.3.


So I did a little research (that means two minutes of Googling) to find out how those crazy quarterback ratings work.

The best explanation I found was here (the site includes a spreadsheet you can download to see the formula in action).


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  1. Bill

    September 24, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    Just proves it’s easy to be perfect when you play a junior varsity team.