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Why Johnnie Can’t Add 1

Maybe there’s a clue in this story:

Months after graduating seniors at William Tennent High School in Warminster collected their diplomas, officials acknowledged errors in the class rankings and mailed formal apologies.

Recalculations showed that the rankings of the top two students should have been switched, and that two other students were erroneously excluded from the list of the top 25, who are given special recognition.


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  1. Opie

    September 25, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    When my younger daughter was in 5th grade she proudly showed me a one-page essay on which she had received an A+. As I read it, I counted 6 misspellings, none of which were noted by the teachers. A few weeks later, at a parent-teacher conference, her teacher concluded by asking us if we had any questions. I said, “Yes. How can a kid have six spelling mistakes on a one-page essay and get an A+?” She looked a little taken aback and said, “Well, I don’t always grade strictly on that because some people aren’t natural-born spellers.”

    I sat there and thought, “Yeah, lady, and I think you’re one of them.”