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Near Death Experience 1

No, I didn’t leave my body and float above it.

I nearly died.

I’m driving down Delaware 1 past Dover Air Force Base, admiring the flight line of C-5s. It was raining heavily off and on all morning.

I’m in the left lane. There’s a van in the right lane two car lengths ahead of me.

And suddenly the world disappeared.

Muddy water covered my windshield for at least two seconds.

I could not see anything through the windshield.

Fortunately, the road is straight at that point. I backed off the exhilerater and just hung on.

I was still shaking when I got to the cooling tower place 20 minutes later.

All I can guess is that the van hit a patch of standing water and splashed me out.


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  1. Phillybits

    November 15, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    That always scared the hell out of me.