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The Candidates Debate . . . (Updated) 0

With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel . . . .

As I mentioned earlier, I avoid the candidates’ debates, because, frankly, I think they are useless.

The debates, that is. (And most of the candidates.)

But Dick Polman’s analysis of last night’s exercise in Republican posturing is, with apologies to MasterCard, priceless.

And with further apologies to Bugs Bunny, all that I can say is, “What a bunch of maroons!” (Courtesy

And weighs in with, well, facts:

  • Romney claimed New York called itself a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. It didn’t.
  • Giuliani denied New York actually was a “sanctuary city.” But the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has classified it as such, based on immigrant-friendly policies Giuliani still defends.
  • Huckabee claimed he would “abolish the IRS.” He failed to mention that he’d replace it with another big tax bureaucracy.
  • Huckabee said he had proposed to make children of illegal aliens eligible for Arkansas scholarships if they “had been in our schools their entire school life.” Actually, the proposal required only three years in Arkansas schools.
  • Giuliani was correct on two points: While he was mayor, New York snowfall went down and the Yankees won four World Series titles. He was joking, but his gag should remind citizens that it’s a mistake in logic to give mayors, or governors or presidents, all credit or blame for what happens just because they’re in office at the time.
  • Romney, claiming to be a “true suffering” fan of the Red Sox, said the team waited 87 years to win a World Series. They actually waited 86.

And Tim F. has a question.

Addendum, 11/30/2007:

For a more reflectice, less dismissive, and certainly less snide commentary, go here and search for the archives of November 29, 2007, or listen here (Real Audio) .


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