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Ah, Truthiness 1

Of course, no one really knows what Mitt Romney believes, because he has more skins than a chameleon.

But, ya know, he makes stuff up real good. From Fact Check dot org:

Romney’s latest ad attacks McCain in New Hampshire with false and misleading claims:

  • It claims McCain “voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.” That’s untrue. Nobody who is in the country illegally could be paid any Social Security benefits under McCain’s immigration bill.
  • It implies McCain supported “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. That word isn’t accurate. Illegal immigrants wouldn’t have received a blanket pardon under McCain’s bill. Instead, they would have had to pay thousands in penalties and fees to gain legal status. In fact, in 2005 Romney called McCain’s proposal “reasonable” and said it wasn’t amnesty.
  • The ad says Romney “cut taxes” in Massachusetts. While he did cut some taxes – for example, enacting business tax credits – tax rates remained unchanged. Plus, Romney raised state revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars per year by increasing fees and closing corporate tax loopholes.

What an empty suit. Romney really doesn’t seem to believe in anything except that he deserves to be president. And he seems willing to believe in anything that would further that goal.

Because he looks good in a suit, I guess.

Remember, he used to be a consultant.

What is a consultant?

Someone who borrows your watch, tells you what time it is, and keeps the watch.

(And I’m no fan of McCain either, but, really, there’s plenty of facts to attack him with. No reason to make stuff up. But, then again, making stuff up is the Republican way.)


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  1. Opie

    December 29, 2007 at 10:15 am

    Americans love uncertainty. One of our fastest growing cities, Las Vegas, is built on it. If all these politicians actually say what they stand for and start doing it, our already low voter turnouts will fall even further. It’s much more exciting to vote for someone and see what the heck they will do.

    Peggy Noonan said this week that at least Biden and Dodd are predictable commodities. I read it and thought to myself, “Yeah, Peggy, and that’s why neither are serious contenders.” on the other hand, Romney and Clinton are both willing to change absolutely anything about themselves to be successful, and that’s where the suspense comes in.

    Look at Bush. He has stuck to his principles for 7 years, and set records for high negatives. People don’t like that.