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Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 in response to international pressure, and while it continues to develop an enriched uranium program, it apparently has not resumed moving toward a nuclear capability, according to a consensus judgment of the U.S. intelligence community released today by Director of National Intelligence John M. McConnell.

The assessment states “with moderate confidence” that “Tehran had not restarted its nuclear weapons program” as of mid-2007, but suggests that Tehran continues to keep that option open.

This belies the continuing fulminations of the Current Federal Administration about the “danger” posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

And from whom does this come?

The Government of the United States of America.

“Belies” is, of course, the only appropriate word.

For almost everything out of the mouths of the Current Federal Administration be lies.

Addendum, 12/4/2007:

NPR analysizes the timelies timelines.

Once again, facts belie the statements of the Current Federal Administrator.

And Dick Polman considers what obstinant things facts can be (emphasis added):

President Bush just can’t catch a break. It seems like every time he tries to be bellicose, the facts come along and trip him up.

Five years ago, he railed against the “grave and gathering danger” of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs, only to suffer irreperable domestic political damage when it turned out that he had committed American blood and treasure to the overthrow of a dictator who had no WMDs. And now he has been embarrassed again: Just six weeks after he raised the specter of the Iranians wielding a nuclear weapon, and invoked “World War III,” America’s 16 intelligence agencies have concluded in a new National Intelligence Estimate, with “high confidence,” that the Iranians actually halted their nuclear weapons program…

In 2003.

In the words of the Old Sailor, “Thar be (Bushie–natch) lies!”


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