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I Am Not a Penn State Fan 1

Penn State alumni think that Happy Valley is the Only Place on Earth.

Sort of like Virginia Tech alumni, who think that Blacksburg, Va., is the only place on earth.

(Happy Valley and Blacksburg have something in common. They are both surrounded by miles and miles of not much of anything except mountains.)

Nevertheless, I hope Penn State wins the ball game tonight, because I am a Joe Paterno fan.

He is one of the few really classy coaches in American College Football.

I remember the first time I saw a Joe Paterno coached Penn State team in a bowl game. Orange Bowl, 1969, Penn State vs. Kansas. My brother and I sat up and watched it.

Kansas had a seven-point lead going into the final seconds of the game.

Penn State scored.

And went for a two point conversion. And this was back when the field goal was king and taking the safe choice was the common choice. Penn State went for two–almost unheard of in those days.

And made it.

After the game, the interviewers asked Joe Paterno why he had his team go for two. Now, I can’t remember his exact statement–it was many years ago. But it was something to the effect that

“Ties aren’t fun. This game should be fun.”

I hope Penn State wins tonight.

(If you don’t understand what “go for two” means, go here.)

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  1. Opie

    December 30, 2007 at 9:16 am

    Joe Paterno and John Wooden have both always been favorites of mine. Bobby Knight is a better person than his public image indicates, although I still think he’s too flawed to be ranked alongside Wooden and Paterno.