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The five most annoying PC programs, according to the Download Squad. Follow the link for their rationales:

    1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    2. iTunes
    3. Real Player
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. Microsoft Outlook

(Aside) Since I don’t use Windows, none of these annoy me (full disclosure: except for work, when I sometimes use the Acrobat Reader).

I do use Real Player for Linux, but it’s an implementation of the Helix player with a Real Player label, and it is decidely not annoying. No pop-up reminders, no services that start stealthily in the background and phone home to Seattle, no advertising. Just a nice little player for stuff in Real Player formats.

The Acrobat Reader does come in a *nix flavor, but I use KPDF, which is much faster and lighter.

Via Geekazine.


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