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From Fact Check dot org:


A radio ad sponsored by Hillary Clinton reprises her misleading claim that Barack Obama likes Republican ideas. Obama has responded with an ad that makes a half-true accusation that Clinton “championed” NAFTA. We find that both claims are misleading and that the candidates are, in fact, making mountains of molehills.

Specifically, we found that:

  • Clinton’s ad falsely implies that Obama supported “special tax breaks for Wall Street” and running up the deficit, and that he opposed minimum wage increases while refusing to deal with the housing crisis. In fact, Obama voted to increase the minimum wage and actually supported some cost-cutting measures that Clinton opposed.
  • Obama’s claim that Clinton flip-flopped on NAFTA is half-true. She did change her position, but she did so long before she began running for president.
  • In fact, the two candidates vote with Democrats more than 90 percent of the time and voted with each other 94 percent of the time. Interest groups give them nearly identical ratings for being liberal.

Update, Jan. 24: The Associated Press reported, about the time we were posting this article, that both campaigns had pulled these two ads off the air.

Repubs (no reports of any pull back from them):

In last night’s debate, held days before Tuesday’s Republican primary in the Sunshine State, the remaining GOP candidates came up with a few new factual distortions and repeated several old ones. Among them:

  • McCain said he had won the Republican vote in both the South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries, where independent voters also participate. One exit poll showed him narrowly prevailing with Republicans in New Hampshire, while another didn’t. And the same poll that favored him in that state had him losing the GOP vote to Huckabee in South Carolina.
  • McCain all but denied that he had said he didn’t know much about economics. In fact, he did say that he needed “to be educated” on the subject.
  • McCain also said he voted twice to make Bush’s tax cuts permanent – but doesn’t mention that he initially opposed them.
  • Romney falsely portrayed Hillary Clinton’s proposed health care plan as an all-government program. It’s not.
  • Huckabee once again claimed the FairTax would benefit everyone. That’s not possible.

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