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Dentistry 3

Diva Dog had dental work today.

(We call her Diva Dog because she never asks for anything. She knows someone will come to do her bidding. For example, she will not bark to go outside. She will lay down in front of the door and wait. She knows someone will come to accede to her wishes without her having to ask.)

The vet says she has a bad case of cocker mouth (and she’s part Cocker). That means that it’s easy for her to develop dental problems. Unlike most dogs–and people–in Cockers, the gums do not recede from infection; they grow to cover it and hold the bacteria more tightly to the teeth.

She lost seven teeth today. And her annual physical last year was just fine.

I came home with a fist full of doggie dental products.

Ever since she came home from the vet, the World’s Largest Yorkie ™ has refused to leave her side.

The Diva Dog

The vet promises that she’ll be pretty much back to normal tomorrow.

So far, she’s only had to take one doggie Rushie.

She’s a good dog. I’m sorry she had to go through this.



  1. the Plumber

    February 14, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Wow frank! I hate to hear that, hope all gos well. My Katie is turning 12 this year, her hip are going, I have loved this Dog for 10 years. I hate to see her go like this, but she is a older Dog. I’m glad to hear that you take good care of them………Provbers 12:10

  2. Frank

    February 14, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Have you tried Glucosamine?

    Also the PHD diet can work wonders. My vet recommended it, and PHD probably added a year to my Lab’s life. The main component of the diet is raw meat (remember, your dog started out as a wolf umpty-ump million year ago); the PHD dog food supplements the raw meat.

  3. Karen

    February 15, 2008 at 7:33 am

    Both the girls take glucosamine/condroitin every day. Ding Dong doesn’t need it yet, but it helps Katie a lot. And doesn’t affect her liver.

    They are both on Royal Canin German Shepherd blend dog food. Expensive, $45.00 for 35 pounds, but it caters to the sensitive gut & skin the breed is known for.

    I took them off Science Diet a few years ago, & have noticed a significant improvement. They vet recommended the Royal Canin.