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(Warning: I violate one of my rules in this post: The rule of not using more than one rhetorical question in a row.)

I got another one of those stupid RNC “surveys” today.

I’ve mentioned them before. I’ve already answered the questions, sealed it up in the business-reply envelope, and will be sending it off tomorrow. (At least they will have to pay the incoming postage; according to the USPS, it will cost them $1.11 to receive the letter. That’s $1.11 they will not be apply to apply to further subverting the Constitution of the United States of America.)

The questions in the “survey” were in the usual style:

Do you favor the forces of truth, justice, and the American way, or do you favor evil librul Democrats?



No opinion

One of the questions, though, caught my eye.

It was something like

Do you favor Republican plans for a balanced budget as opposed to [blah blah blah]?

I could ask myself only, “What the hell planet are these people living on?”

How the heck can they seriously put a question like that on this “survey”? Have they no consciousness of what they have done to the Federal budget during their failed stewardship of the engine of governance?

Or do they seriously believe that their adherents are only listening to what they say, while ignoring what they do?

Or do they figure that their adherents are just too stupid for words?

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