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Hawkwind 0

Up the road a piece, there’s a really great bookshop that specializes in fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries.

Yeah, and there’s a little bit of comics and manga too.

In the back, there’s an open area where the owner allows persons to play games. It’s not completely altruistic, because the gamers end up buying their game pieces at the bookshop, but, hey! that’s their schtick.

Some years ago, Second Son organized a Dungeons and Dragons game that lasted there for about three years. He advertised for the players, he found a Dungeon Master, and he kept it going.

When it got really late and we were unable to pick up Second Son after a game, the owner would even drive him home. This is a backhanded way of saying that the owner is one of the persons I would trust completely to do the right thing under any circumstance.

For a long time, he thought of me just as Second Son’s Dad. Then, one day, I walked in, listened to the music he was playing, and said, “Isn’t that Hawkwind?”

I think I surprised him at recognizing the tune (well, with Hawkwind, “tune” may not be exactly the right word).

Hawkwind, Warriors at the Edge of Time:


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