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No DL for Me and I Love My Cell Phone 0

No DL for Me

I had to work late at the jobsite, then I had to come home and work some more.

And tomorrow I have to walk into a classroom and be dynamic.

But it’s all billable.

I Love My Cell Phone

My client told me I should be able just to jack into the network and be on the internet, even though I could not log into the company network (which I have no desire to do anyway).

The network port appeared to be dead. Of course, a wise IT Department will turn off unused ports. It’s just good security.

So I fired up the good ole “Internet Connection Sharing” on my cell phone, jacked the computer into the cell, and, badda bing! I was on line. I did have to move the phone around a bit to find the sweet spot for the connection in the cubicle inside the big steel building, but, once I did, it worked just great okay. Not as fast as a T1 line, but not as slow as dialup.

T-Mobile Dash


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