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The Return of Herbert Hoover 0

The story goes that Herbert Hoover (a typical Republican failure as a President, except that he was an honest man and therefore would find no home in today’s Republican Party, but that’s a different issue–see the previous post) was walking down the street with Ogden Mills, his Secretary of the Treasury, in 1930.

This was back when Presidents were allowed to walk down the street.

Mr. Hoover said, “Can I borrow a nickel to call my friend.”

Mr. Mills said, “Here’s a dime. Call both of them.”

Now, instead of a chicken in every pot, we have pot in every chicken:

Police in Magnolia, Arkansas, say it wasn’t the fried chicken in Savalas Vantoli Stewart’s car that gave off a funky smell.

Instead, officers who pulled over Stewart on Friday night say they found a side dish of marijuana hidden in a recently purchased box of chicken.


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