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Declining Property Values 0

I had to run out to a local shopping center today to make a deposit for my church.

I noticed that the space vacated by the independent dollar store had been filled.

By the Brandywine Republicans.

(For those of you not from these parts, this area of Delaware is known as Brandywine Hundred. It’s named after the Brandywine Creek, notable for having given is name to yet another battle that George Washington lost during the Revolutionary War–he only won two battles, the Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Yorktown, and he wouldn’t have won the latter without the help of the French, but that’s another story).

Here’s the funky part.

When I followed the link to the Brandywine Republican website, there was nothing there but a splash page. Sort of a metaphor for the Republicanism, ain’t it.

Empty is as empty does

Guess I have to start looking for a new shopping center. This one has lost its cachet.


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