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Gag Me with a Spoon Dept. 2

Dick Polman. Please read the whole post. What it says about citizen americanus is scary (emphasis added):

It’s not easy to raise this topic. It seems to be OK in this country to malign educated people, to dismiss them as “eggheads” and “latte-sippers,” probably because there is a sizeable anti-intellectual strain in our culture. But I would suggest that stupid people should also be ripe for open discussion – if only because millions of willfully clueless voters may well function as the swing decision-makers in a close ’08 presidential election.

And since we’re finally talking about ignorance, I offer Exhibit A – the report of a focus group, featuring 12 independent voters, that was conducted earlier this week in swing-state Virginia by the noted Democratic pollster, Peter Hart.

Hart yesterday circulated this report to folks like me. He took pains to point out, in his summary, that his 12 focus-group participants are not close followers of politics. None of them voted in Virginia’s Democratic or Republican primaries. All of them feel like “the election has been going on forever,” but none of them have bothered to learn anything about it. All they know is what they have heard – or, more significantly, misheard. And these independents are potentially pivotal in November; in Hart’s words, they “represent 20 percent of the electorate.”


Perhaps…as long as they can learn to distinguish between Obama from McCain on the issues. Because here’s Danny, one of your fellow citizens:

“(The race) has gone on so long….They all kind of say the same thing. They’re all saying the same thing, so what’s to get excited about?”

Really? McCain and Obama are “saying the same thing”? Perhaps the maligned “eggheads” can enlighten Danny about that.

By the way, Barack Obama now has his own subdirectory on Snopes, because of all the wingnut lies.



  1. Opie

    May 22, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    If these uninformed voters would actually do some research, they’d find that… well, they’d find that they’re actually right as much as they’re wrong, since at one time or another McCain has been on every side of most issues and Obama hasn’t expressed an opinion on anything other than health care, hope, faith, hope, change and hope.

    I suppose we could do a contrast/comparison on the conditions under which McCain and Obama say they would attack Iran. Then you’d really hear some drumbeats.

  2. Frank

    May 22, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Senator Obama has, actually, published positions on a number of <a href="">issues>/a&gt;.

    Do I agree with all of them?  Not necessarily.

    But neither do I fall for the wingnut lies that he is some kind of Muslim Manchurean candidate.

    Rather, I believe he is a good and decent person.  It sure would be a nice change to have a good and decent person making decisions, would it not?  As opposed to what we have lived with for the past almost eight years.

    Which makes me wonder, what the hell is he doing in American politics?