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Hagee-ography 1

ASZ links to Terry Gross’s interview with John Hagee (no, I am not going to link to his place). NPR’s Fresh Air replayed the interview yesterday because so many MSM outlets have been playing excerpts of it during the past couple of weeks.

Prior to the 2006 congressional elections, radical right wing mullah John Hagee sat down for an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air. While there was some immediate reaction to the interview two years ago (particularly from the Jewish community and those of us who were horrified by the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina), the outrage quickly faded. And when snakeoil salesman Hagee slithered back into the spotlight earlier this year to flex his political clout, I figured that John McCain would disavow Hagee’s support and that any controversy would fade into obscurity due to the legacy media’s blackout of anything remotely anti-McCain. Of course, that’s before Barack Obama’s preacher problem reared its ugly head.

My girlfriend couldn’t believe that he said what he said, that he would attribute the destruction of New Orleans, and the wasting of the lives of so many innocent persons, to the plans of a small number of persons to have a gay pride parade.

Frankly, nothing he said surprised me.

But she had never been exposed to this type of self-righteous Pharisaical Protestant nutcase before.

She couldn’t believe the hatred, the vengefulness, the vindictiveness that he somehow managed to find in what is supposed to be a Gospel of Love, and was able to express in the dulcet, gentle tones of a nurse singing a baby to sleep.

I don’t know how he finds hatred in love either. Perhaps he’s read too much Leviticus and not enough John.

Oh, yeah, and has deep-seated psychological needs I’m not qualified to diagnose, but that’s just a guess

It’s just that I’ve met his sort before.

So I wasn’t surprised.

Just disgusted.


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  1. Opie

    May 17, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    Trinity Broadcasting Network has a few shows of interest to me, so from time to time I’ve channel-flipped into Hagee’s show, but never heard him say anything of enough interest to hold me. If he is a whack-job, though, he’s not the first whack-job TBN’s had on the air, though. Their editorial discretion  is not their strong point.