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On the Ropes? 0

One can have hopes.

The Republic Party is down in the dumps after losing a solidly Republican district in that bastion of progressiveness, Mississippi (emphasis added):

This was the third special election in as many months in which the Democrats have grabbed a traditionally Republican seat. In March, Bill Foster beat Jim Oberweis — a Republican endorsed by Sen. John McCain — to take over former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s old seat. Earlier in May, Louisiana Democrat Donald Cazayoux won over a heavily Republican district despite big spending from the GOP.

“This is as bad as I can remember since post Watergate,” said Shirley. “It was so bad in 1974 after Gerald Ford was nominated for Vice President that there was a special election for his congressional district, which had been Republican since the civil war, and it went Democratic… The fact is that these are comparable races. These are all three seats that have been in GOP hands for a long, long time… Ultimately voters want to know what a politician is going to do for them. What has happened with the Republican Party over the last eight years is that some of the consultants have decided it is too hard to define what we stand for so we are just going to paint Democrats as worse than us.

And, on the news tonight, I heard a Republic operative argue that the voters “have lost confidence in the things we (Republicans–ed.) believe in.”

Au contraire, loser breath.

The fact is, the public has seen the results of the things the Republic Party believes in.

But wait! There’s more!

And, on top of it all, they have betrayed the sincere voters who believed that they actually meant what they said and would do what they promised.

No, it’s not that the voters have lost faith in what the Republic Party believes in.

It’s that, after the Republic Party has been in charge for the last few years, voters have seen what it actually believes in.

Their actions belie their words.

It is their actions which have undone them.

Now, we shall see, as the fall elections approach, what lying words they will unleash to again distract their supporters from their deeds.


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