From Pine View Farm

Sapsucker 0

No. Not that kind.

This kind.

We’ve been hearing a tap-tap-tapping rap-rap-rapping on a tree.

Two yellow-bellied sapsuckers (as opposed to yellow bloodsuckers) have taken up residence in a tree right next to the back porch.

I’ve been noticing white flakes near the base of the tree. I was thinking they were some kind of petal from a spring flower, until, today, I got off my anatomy and actually walked outside to look at them.

They were flakes of wood.

I followed the trail of wood flakes upwards along the tree trunk until I spotted the hole in the side of the tree. Even as we speak, the pair are busy working on an addition to hold their brood.

I found a diagram of a woodpecker nest here. Looks like they have their work cut out for them before their three bedroom split is ready for full occupancy.

I’ll try to get some pictures, but it might be a few days and ladders will certainly be involved. I’m thinking that, if I get on the porch roof, I should be close enough to get some decent shots without scaring my new neighbors.


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