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Trademark Infringement (Updated) 0

Depressant duels with anti-depressant: The Republican House caucus has selected a new slogan, The Change You Deserve. The slogan was already (TM) an anti-depressant.

Clearly, they researched it about as well as they researched their legislative policies:

“The Change You Deserveâ„¢” was trademarked by Wyeth, so we’re wondering if that will be a problem for the NRCC, regardless of the unfortunate analogy between its political fortunes and the genuine suffering that plagues people experiencing depression.

So, does that mean two Efflexors can cancel out two Republicans?

Via Huffington Post.

Addendum, Later That Evening:

Seems Efflexor may have a history which makes it suitable for delusional persons or organizations.


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