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It’s not his boy or girl or spouse or parent over there, is it? Republicans are so generous with the children of others.

The Booman has a lengthy discussion of the bogus comparison between occupying–that’s occupying, my friends–a hostile Iraq and having troops in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. You can follow the link to read it. I am not saying I agree with all his points–just most of them–but I think he frames the issues accurately.

Candidate McHack’s analogy fails on the surface.

Suffice to say that no Germans, Japanese, or South Koreans are blowing up American troops. Indeed, when American bases were established in those countries following World War II and the Korean War, the inhabitants of those countries had stopped blowing up American (and other occupying) troops, either through surrender (Japan and Germany) or through partition (Korea).

Candidate McMaverick doesn’t seem to realize that he’s comparing apples and oranges apples and shoes. On second thought, I expect that he does realize it, but can’t think of any other, better fiction to justify endless war.

A war conceived in deceit and based on lies.

Add one more lie: Iraq is like Germany, Japan, and Korea.


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