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I Won! (Updated) 0

Todd recorded his podcast in a live feed today.

I listened and joined the chat room.

When the time came, he asked us listeners to put our phone numbers into the chat room. Then he pumped the numbers into a randomizer.

And my phone rang.

Oh, yeah, and there was a monetary prize, just for answering the phone.

Now, if Opie others had been paying attention, they could have joined the fun.

I think I’ll go to Delaware Park tomorrow. I once hit an Exacta there for $237.00. Maybe my number’s about to come up again.

Addendum, Later the Next Day:

You can listen to the show here. If you really want my high-pitched whine of a voice (which Opie endured for must of a week), Todd called me about 58 minutes into the show.

My podcatcher hasn’t brought down the show yet.


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