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The McCain Smear Machine Marches on. 1

From Fact Check dot org. Follow the link for the full analysis (emphasis added):

A McCain-Palin ad claims Obama was rated the “most liberal” U.S. senator, which was true only for 2007 but not for his entire Senate career. He was rated 10th and 16th in his two previous years.

The ad also misquotes Obama. It says he defended himself against the “most liberal” rating by saying “they’re not telling the truth” and “folks are lying.” Actually, Obama said McCain and Palin weren’t truthful about the “Bridge to Nowhere,” and he was correct. And his “folks are lying” remark referred to anti-abortion groups that accuse him of favoring “infanticide” because of votes he cast in the Illinois state Senate.

After twisting Obama’s words, the ad accuses him of being “not presidential.”

And McHack is?

Well, maybe. Given the record of the Current Federal Administrator, I guess lying is the presidential thing to do.


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  1. Opie

    October 13, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    James Taranto has been doing some great commentary lately on this fad of “fact-check journalism.” The most hilarious thing he brought up was when ABC and CNN both recently did separate “fact-check” reports on a John McCain statement: one did their research and assured us McCain was factually correct; the other did their research and assured us McCain was lying.