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Via Glomarization.

Glomarization spoke eloquently. I’m going to quote a portion of the post that accompanied this video, and recommend you follow the link and read the whole thing:

Governor Palin speaks of small-town, rural America as the “real America.” That would not include me, even though I live six blocks from Independence Hall, in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the United States of America, among houses that were built before the United States of America existed. That said, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the fact that I walk past Independence Hall on my daily commute makes my neighborhood “more” American than any other place in the country. It simply makes Palin’s statements completely absurd and un-American.


I joked on a chatroom the other day that I was amused to hear Governor Palin insinuating that people like me are not “real Americans.” But in fact, I’m deeply offended. And I reject her lame statement to the press, where she apologized for people misunderstanding her, but where she did not apologize for her hateful words.


Palin’s plain language insulted me and my family.


McCain and Palin are seeking to further divide the country along class, race, and income lines while we’re at war on multiple fronts and while the economy is tanking to depths we haven’t seen since my grandmother was a teenager.


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