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The Morning After 0

When Senator Dodd dropped out of the campaign, I trotted over to Barack Obama dot com, made my first contribution, and ordered an Obama yard sign.

Until last week, it was the only yard sign on my little street. Then a McCain sign appeared across the street and a few houses down.

It’s gone this morning.

I think I shall leave my Obama yard sign up for a day or two.

And my Obama tee shirt hanging in the upstairs window for a day or two.

And my picture of Obama and Biden sitting in the bay window to greet persons who approach my front door for a day or two.

Man, I wouldn’t want his new job on a bet. The odds are so against him. But he is a good and decent man who will put country above party.

It will be a refeshing change.

Trudy Rubin in today’s local rag:

It’s easy to get dubious about democracy in rich countries, where corruption in politics and on Wall Street seems out of control. Americans might have been tempted to turn their backs on politicians as they watched the greedy get bailed out in the global economic crisis. Voters could have chosen to stay home, especially those with bitter memories of the disputed 2000 election.

And yet the opposite happened. Although opinion surveys show voters are pessimistic about whether a new president can turn things around, they flooded the polls. This surge reflects a desire to repudiate the incumbent. (President Bush’s 25 percent approval rating is the lowest of any modern president before an election.) Yet it also shows that many Americans still hope a vote can bring change.


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