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Banks Shot 0

Dropping like flies.

Here and here.

There’s an old story about the banker who fancied himself the Oracle of the Community.

The members of the Community loathed him, but, so as to curry his favor, they fellated him, much as Republicans fellate the rich.

One day, a villager came to him with his son and said, “I am worried about how my son will turn out. Can you help me?”

The banker said, “Certainly.”

He placed a Bible, a five-dollar note, and a bottle of whiskey on his desk and said, “When you call your son in here, we will see what he takes. If he takes the money, he will be a businessman. If he takes the Bible, he will be a man of the cloth. If the takes the bottle–well, that’s just trouble.”

The villager said, “Okay.”

They opened the door and invited the boy in.

The boy came in, looked at the desk, tucked the money in his pocket, stuck the bottle under his arm, grabbed the Bible, and left the room.

The villager looked at the banker and said, “Oh, crap, he’s going to be a Republican banker. Just like you.”


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