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When He Says “We” . . . 0

Robert Samuelson:

It’s the end of an era. We know that 2008, much like 1932 or 1980, marks a dividing line for the American economy and society. But what lies on the other side is hazy at best. The great lesson of the past year is how little we understand and can control the economy. This ignorance has bred today’s insecurity, which in turn is now a governing reality of the crisis.

. . . he means only those persons who think like him. Ya know, the ones who persist in error, despite reality and human nature.

He doesn’t include all those other folks, such as–just to pick a name out a hat–Paul Krugman (you may have heard of him–Nobel Prize and all that)–who have been predicting the failure of Reago-Bushonomics for years.


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