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Diversion Tactics: DTV Dept. 0

The furor over the digital TV conversion is much ado about not much of anything.

Jeffrey got me thinking about this.

Suzabell at GNC discusses some of the issues facing her parents, but still believes the switch should go forward:

Personally, I hope there is no delay in the switchover. It’s been in process a long time, and I believe it needs to happen on schedule. But I have to wonder if the planning was lacking in foresight, after all is said and done. My mother would think so, that’s for sure.

Todd at GNC reports that Hawaii, where he lives, went digital a couple of weeks ago and, so far, he’s seen or heard no complaints either in person or in the news.

I have several thoughts:

  • Whether or not it was a good idea, it’s soon gonna be a done deal.
  • No matter when it happens, there’s some folks will have trouble. Putting it off helps no one.
  • The rhetoric seems to focus on “old folks will have trouble.” That sort of rhetoric is a sure sign of FUD.
  • What’s the difference between five or six (remember, we’re talking over-the-air broadcast here–this has nothing to do with cable or satellite television) channels of garbage and no channels of garbage?

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