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Four Days Left (Updated) 0

Read the comments here.

I marvel at the commenters’ restraint.

And, do not forget, it wasn’t just Bush.

It was the whole rotten Republican necon cabal.

It was, in short, conservatism triumphant.

Good riddance, and how much more damage can they do in four days?

We shall see.

No doubt, we shall see.

As I remarked to someone in an email today, I have not yet been disappointed by expecting the worst from George W. Bush and his crew.


Ian Williams in the Guardian:

So what is his greatest political achievement, putting to one side the ethical dimension and the incompetent governance thing? Surely he deserves an Oscar for his performance as a statesman, which was so convincing that most of the American media bought his lies and grovelled to him, and maybe a Golden Globe for persuading “Yo Blair” to play best supporting actor next to him for so long – even at the expense of his own career.

And his subsidiary achievement? Making Bill Clinton look good. Now that’s impressive.


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