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Bailouts for Bozos 0

I am bemused by all the leftie hand-wringing over the Geithner bailout plan. Not because I’m a fan of the plan, but because persons are acting like it’s somehow immutable.

I think that we will find that it’s very mutable.

This administration is not hampered by ideology that prevents it from recognizing when something’s not working.

In contrast, consider the Republican loyalty to tax cuts as the only way to do anything.

Even though that loyalty is based on the demonstrably false Laughable Curve (and, if you don’t want to research the economic theory, just read the stock market pages and the weekly jobs reports), it has become a central tenet of their ideology: They are incapable of considering any economic strategies other than tax cuts for the rich. Making the rich richer is their Eleventh Commandment.

They, like the Blues Brothers, believe they are on a mission from God. (The Blues Brothers had a better script.)

Supplementary Material:

Very interesting interview about executive compensation on Radio Times yesterday. Go here and search for February 9, 2009, and select Hour 1 or listen here (mp3).

Video via TPM.


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