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I Get Mail 1

From the L. A. Times, an advertisement for

Two New Foreclosed Home Auction Events

(Follow the link above to bid. Yeah. Right.)

Here’s the details:

Location: Phoenix AZ 85048
Details: 3 bed / 2 bath; SFR
List Price: $234,900
Starting Bid: $70,470

Location: Peoria , AZ 85382
Details: 5 bed / 3.5 bath; SFR
List Price: $379,900
Starting Bid: $113,970

I find it interesting that the “starting bids” are about 30% of the “list prices.” Wonder whether they’ll even get their starting bids.

(Aside One: You’d have to pay me as much as an investment banker’s bonus to get me to live in Phoenix. I’ve spent far too much time in Phoenix already. Nice people, but without air conditioning, it would be just another rickety town in a just another Clint Eastwood western.)

(Aside Two: The Los Angeles Times does not abuse the privilege of having my email address. I get about one email from them every three months or so. And they usually give me the blogger’s biggest need: material.)


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  1. Frank

    February 11, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Who the hell needs 3 1/2 bathrooms?