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I Hate Plumbing 1

I need to change out the float valve in one of the toilets and clean the trap on the laundry sink. And it’s the funkiest trap I have ever seen.

And Chris is too far away for me to beg for a free plumbing job. Not that Karen would let him do it for free.

In the meantime, siphon, baby.


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  1. Karen

    February 22, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Sure I would! But, you’d object to the trip charge.

    Anyway, take pictures of the fill valve, or whatever it is. Send them to me. He’ll see them & can talk you through it. He’ll also need to know what kind & how old that toilet is.

    Let him see the trap on the laundry sink too. If it’s old, you may be going to Home Depot for parts.