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“. . . they have failed” 0

The Republican motto seems to be “go wit’ what brung ya.” But look where it brung ya, for heaven’s sakes.

Failed war, homelessness, hopelessness, torture, unparalled greed, unmatched incompetence, and venality (I could go on).

No nitpicking. Cut to the chase.

Do you honestly want more of what we’ve had for the past eight years?

. . . what I have also said is – don’t come to table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped create this crisis.

We’re not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that in eight short years doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin. We can’t embrace the losing formula that offers more tax cuts as the only answer to every problem we face, while ignoring critical challenges like our addiction to foreign oil, the soaring cost of health care, failing schools and crumbling bridges, roads and levees. I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV – if you’re headed for a cliff, you have to change direction.

No one with any sense can expect anyone to be perfect.

But, Dear God, I would just settle for normal.

We haven’t seen that in national governance since the Republican Party put its contract on America (and, boy, did they ever!)


The Booman’s terminology is somewhat more temperate than mine.


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