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You Can’t Be Bipartisan with Partisans 0

From the Democratic Daily, on why President Obama’s attempt to foster bipartisan solutions hasn’t worked:

Because the Republicans have no interest in working contructively with Obama and the Democrats, because they’ve entrenched themselves, once more, behind extremist ideological lines, because they think they can score political points by being obstructionist.

Republicans have turned on Obama, as expected, but, in so doing, they have sided against the American people. They will end up paying dearly in the end.

One can hope.

Afterthought: The Republican Party lives in a phony world divorced from psychological, economic, or historical reality.

Being sincere about it (to the extent that they are) doesn’t make their world any less phony.

One measure of the sincerity of their beliefs, I reckon, is the extent to which they lie make stuff up.

Video via D-Day.


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