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Changing Its Name to “Muddletown” 0

If at first you can’t succeed . . . .

It’s official: Middletown will hold what is said to be the state’s first do-over municipal election, after Delaware’s only recorded snow-out of voting in all three counties.

Late Thursday, the Middletown Board of Elections ruled this week’s town election, delayed from Monday to Tuesday, was not legal because it lacked the 20-day public notice required by state law and town charter.

Middletown used to be a nice little town about 25 miles southwest of Wilmington. It is now a sprawling wasteland of overpriced for-sale-cheap oversized McMansion clones that has spread like the Blob over adjacent farmland in the town-fathers’parents’ heedless quest for a larger and larger tax base–and the concomitant larger and larger town budget.


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