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Chicago Politics Is a Tough Teacher 1

Especially for an outsider. Mr. Obama succeeded as an outsider in Chicago politics and learned well.

Delaware Dem analyzes how he baited the trap for the Repulsicans to descend forthwith into rampant nuttiness:

President Barack Obama is a shrewd, intelligent politician and tactician. Those on the right who think he is stupid, or nothing but a speechmaker who cannot think without a teleprompter, have severely underestimated their opponent, almost irredeemably so. President Obama knows all too well the nature of his opponents. He set a trap for them this past week that the virulent right wing base of the Republican Party, with all of their, shall we say, tendencies, fell right into.

The method to his madness: if your opposition is going to destroy themselves, step out of the way.

He nominated a judge who is more qualified in judicial experience than any Supreme Court Justice currently living. Indeed, she has more judicial experience than any judge going back 70 years. I have read some of her opinions already, and I must say, if she has an judicial philosophy, it is conservative and not liberal. She follows precedent, and shows restraint.

(Delaware Dem, by the way, is a lawyer. When he analyzes judicial opinions, he knows whereof he speaks.)


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