From Pine View Farm

Drink Liberally . . . 0

at Triumph Brewing Company, 2nd and Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, Tuesday, 6. p.

Triumph has a tasty and creative menu and there is ample parking at the meters on Front (three hour parking at $2.00 per hour). If you drive, take the Callowhill exit off I-95, turn left on 4th, then left on Market, then right on 2nd. When you get to Society HIll Towers, turn left, then left on Front. That will put you near the metered parking without having to make a U-ie.

Glomarization has public transit directions if you’re close enough to take a SEPTA tank.

I don’t think I’ll be there. I have a lot to do this week and I still haven’t found my diligence.

Fill in for me. That’s “Scotch, rocks, water on the side” and, most often, the hummus platter.

. . . oh, yeah, and live charitably.


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