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It’s not a good idea to joke about assassination, though the wingnut brigade seems to think it is.

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Those Secret Service folks take their jobs very seriously:

Facebook Inc., the most popular social-networking Web site, said it pulled a third-party program from the service that asked if President Barack Obama should be assassinated.

Facebook is working with the U.S. Secret Service, which is investigating the matter, company spokesman Larry Yu said today. The application, which allows users to conduct surveys of Facebook members, was used to create the Obama poll.

“We take any threat against our protectees very seriously, and we will investigate it thoroughly,” Darrin Blackford, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman, said in a telephone interview, adding that the investigation began Sept. 26.

My guess is that it was one of those quizzes like the new one, just released, “Which Bunk Do You Want?”

Aside: I do not recall lefties joking about assassinating elected officials in the preceding eight years. Sure, I heard a lot of lefties say a lot of unpleasant things about what Bush, Cheney, and their accomplices did. I said my fair share.

And, ya know what? We were right.

They did do all the things we said they did.

But I did not hear or read anyone who wished or even joked about their being assassinated, just who wanted them out of office.

Now it seems that you can’t turn around without hearing someone joke about assassinating President Obama.

What the hell is wrong with these people?


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