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Fox. Henhouse. 0

And the inevitable result.

I listened to this today, which John Cole discussed here.

Missing from it is any mention of this: Fox consistently reports lies as truth.

The quotation below was said about an article in Time, but it applies to every day on Fox:

This, by the way, is exactly the kind of nonsense that marked Time’s Beck profile. Some say 2 million people were at a rally; others say 70,000. We gave you both sides. You figure it out.

I’d love for Newton-Small or anyone else at Time to explain exactly what value they think they’re providing to readers when they report two statements, one of which must be false, but refuse to say which.

There should be more to journalism than he-said-she-said. When someone says something demonstrably false, competent journalists demonstrate that it be demonstrably false–they don’t keep repeating it as if it were true.


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