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Bubblelicious, Phase II 0

No commerce, no need for commercial real estate:

More than 43 million square feet (4 million square meters) — the equivalent of 15 Empire State Buildings — stood vacant at the end of the third quarter, the most in almost five years, according to CB Richard Ellis Group Inc. San Jose, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto have 11 empty office buildings with about 3 million square feet of the best quality space.

“There is a bubble bursting in much the same way as the residential market burst,” said Jon Haveman, principal at Beacon Economics, a consulting firm in San Rafael, California. “None of those towers will fill up anytime soon.”

Not to mention all the vacant store fronts in your area and mine where little businesses have lost out in Wall Street’s three-card monte.


The difference between the banksters and Billy Mays was that Billy Mays was honest about being a pitchman; he didn’t call his pitches “financial innovation.”

And, ya know, if you bought something from Billy Mays, it might not have lived up to the hype, but it sure as heck didn’t just disappear–you at least had something left over for the yard sale.


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