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Californicated 1

Governor Schwartzenburger’s swan song (emphasis added):

The governor announced that he would declare a fiscal emergency and immediately call the Legislature into a special session to make budget cuts. His plan includes no new broad-based tax increases. It relies instead on seeking billions of dollars in new federal money and on steep reductions in education, healthcare and social services, as well as cuts in mass transit, state worker pay and environmental programs.

“California is not Washington. We don’t have the luxury of printing money or running trillion-dollar deficits,” Schwarzenegger said at a news conference Friday morning.

Note the misdirection play at the end of the quotation.

Californians have rendered themselves ungovernable and their legislature incapable of levying reasonable taxes to help pay for the services those same Californians want. They wanted government for free.

It’s not working any more.

So not they want to suck at the federal teat because they are unwilling to pay for what they want.

I certainly have no problem with Federal assistance to states–some needs are too big to be addressed on the state or local level–but I do think the state or locality to show some desire to help itself.

California is a fiscal drunk that wants someone else to pay its bar tab.

It’s IMF material.


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  1. Karen

    January 10, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    According to my aunt & crazy uncle, who lived in Ca. for over 20 years, to “fix” the tax rate on properties, it would take approval in the form of a vote by the population. As they put it to me: Who is going to vote to increase their property taxes?

    They now live in Oregon, where the cost of living is 1/2 of what it was in Ca. They could afford to live there while they both worked. But once they retired, they couldn’t live as well. Besides, they really like Oregon.