From Pine View Farm

Ducks on a Pond 1

Very pretty swimming round . . .


Well, geese, actually.

For contrast, here’s picture taken from about the same position about three days ago.

Blue Heron

And a detail from today:



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  1. Karen

    January 30, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Denver, Colorado
    Currently: 49°F Partly Cloudy
    Denver, Colorado
    Currently: 9°C Partly Cloudy

    Wind: East at 8 MPH
    Humidity: 26%
    Dewpoint: 16°F
    Barometer: 29.96 inches and falling
    Wind Chill: 46°F

    Wind: East at 13 KPH
    Humidity: 26%
    Dewpoint: -9°C
    Barometer: 1015 millibars and falling
    Wind Chill: 8° C

    Sunrise: 7:09 am
    Sunset: 5:17 pm

    Well shoot, I was trying to paste the current conditions for Denver here, & it wouldn’t let me. Probably a good thing, because in the spring when we have snow & are freezing, you’ll do the same thing to me.

    Brief summary:  49F & sunny. Barometer falling, slight breeze, humidity 26%.

    I have the curtains open for the sunshine.