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Strategic Misrepresentation 1

Rewrite, Republican style (emphasis added):

In the end, though, the brain trust – such as it is – of the Republican party wouldn’t be attempting to re-write recent history if their focus groups and polls didn’t show that truthiness pays political dividends. Shortly after Perino’s comments, polls showed voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on issues of national security and that 63% of voters think that “political correctness” – a refusal to disobey laws prohibiting racial profiling – was the root cause of the failure to prevent one soldier’s attack on his colleagues at Fort Hood.

Republicans have apparently decided that they can improve their standings with Americans if they can convince them, despite all evidence to the contrary, that terrorist attacks only happen when Democrats are in power. Republicans seem perfectly and increasingly happy to slough off all responsibility for the things that happened and that they caused during their watch, as long as it brings them back to power. The question for Americans ought to be what they’ll do with that power when they get it back. Last year, they weren’t so keen on keeping Republicans in power. This year, many of them seemingly know nothing about that.


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  1. Karen

    January 12, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Just another case of a double standard: Last night on TRMS, she showed where George S. challenged Liz (ick, my fingers feel dirty) Cheney on her statements about how long it took Obama to say something publicly about the pantie bomber, when (I’m boiling my fingers after this) Bush took 6 days (I believe was said) to say anything about Richard Reid & his attempted shoe bomb.

    She ducked the question, totally. Which, I imagine, would be everyone’s response when challenged about the wrong information they’re putting out. They won’t be proven wrong, if they don’t admit what they’re putting out is less than truthful.