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Likely hoping for a settlement:

Branch (the plaintiff–ed.) has demanded $50,000 from Burger King Corp. and an unnamed employee, whom she claims in Circuit Court documents negligently handed her the cup of coffee inside a paper bag rather than a cup holder. This was during a morning drive-through visit Dec. 7, 2007, to the restaurant at 3952 Holland Road.

It may not be so frivolous as it seems. Knowing the facts may cause you to re-consider the legendary McDonald’s coffee case, which is frequently cited as an example of tort law gone wild.




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  1. Karen

    January 11, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    “Stella’s Law” ridicule comes from the asinine punative award, which is what EVERY claimant from now to doomsday, is looking for.

    Yes, hers was knocked down to something more reasonable & she was partially at fault for opening a cup that she had no idea how full it was, in a car that was subject to movement at any time.

    This is why I, among others, always scream for tort reform. Because with control of the awards, comes reduction in costs. And since the lawyers own Congress, it won’t happen & people like myself will always carry millions in insurance because of people’s basic greed.

    The person in the article is looking to be another Stella.