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“Concealed carry to go! Get your concealed carry here!”

So say Utah and Florida, who don’t care whether you actually live in Utah or Florida, so long as your find happiness in a warm gun (emphasis added).

Gun-rights activists say states that unnecessarily restrict concealed-carry gave rise to the practice of licensing non-residents.

“It’s not Utah that has made the permit so valuable,” said W. Clark Aposhian, chairman of the state’s Concealed Weapons Review Board. “It’s other states that have made it so valuable.”

But the permit’s surge in popularity with out-of-state gun owners has given pause to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, who last September expressed fears that his state could become known as a “wholesale clearinghouse” for concealed-carry licenses.


As to why Utah appears almost eager to help non-residents get concealed-weapons permits, Aposhian said, “I’d look at it from another way. We don’t just deny a permit based on a subjective line in the dirt where a border is. If you fit the requirements to possess a firearm legally and pass a background check on that, you’re entitled to the permit.”

These folks tend to claim to believe in states’ rights, that is, that states are sovereign within their own borders. Except when they don’t.

Full Disclosure: I have nothing against guns. Used properly by skilled shots, guns can be useful and shooting guns can be fun. Some of my leftie buddies go to the range frequently.

Packing heat in Starbucks does not proper use constitute.

Packing heat on The Hill in Wilmington is just asking for trouble.

I have nothing against guns. I’m against stupid.

H/T Karen for the link.


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