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Probably the Fashion Police 0

If some of the bridesmaid’s dresses I’ve seen are typical:

. . . someone broke into a prospective bridesmaid’s car between 9 a.m. and noon while she and the bride were at a salon in the Shoppes of Limestone Hills in Pike Creek, Sgt. Walter Newton said.

When the pair returned to the car, they found a pink Watters bridesmaid dress and a Vera Bradley bag were missing, police said.

It was not recovered in time for the wedding.

All seriousness aside, this does seem pointless and possibly vindictive. What is the resale value for a bridesmaid’s dress and where are you going to fence it anyway? Most of them you can’t give away.

I suggest the cops look for someone who is or has a girlfriend who is the same size as the bridesmaid.


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