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There’s a big fuss up in Massachusetts over whether Rachel Maddow is considering running for the Senate (she says not) and Senator Cosmo Brown trying to use her name in a fund raiser and is not returning her phone calls or she’s not calling him.

Read the whole story. It’s as mixed up as Y&R (Victor is my hero).

Any moment now, Edward Brooke’s long-lost twin is likely to reappear to claim the inheritance after having been held prisoner by Anne Bonney in Valhalla.

Or something.

And it began with a twit:

In a controversy since dubbed “walshgate,’’ the speculation began with a tweet that got away from the chairman of the state Democratic Party, John Walsh. Walsh was trying to contact someone who was being urged to run against Brown. “I goofed up and instead, tweeted it to the world,’’ said Walsh.



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