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Fly-on-the-Wall Dreamin’ 0

Not during, but before and after this meeting, and on both sets of walls. The meeting itself will no doubt be oh-so-proper:

Members of a black fraternity at the College of William and Mary plan to meet with Gov. Bob McDonnell to discuss the contentious issue of Confederate History Month.

The Williamsburg college’s Alpha Phi Alpha chapter cited McDonnell’s proclamation that April is Confederate History Month in declining to attend an awards ceremony. McDonnell honored several recipients of statewide community-service awards at Thursday night’s event.

Chapter President William B. Morris III said Friday that fraternity members were honored to be among the winners of the Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Awards for their work as mentors of underprivileged middle-school students. But he says they respectfully chose to sit out the ceremony because McDonnell’s decision to honor a cause that harmed black people is insulting and improper.

Underlying the whole thing is generations of white folk who want to return to a time that is gone with the wind, not realizing that that time never existed except in Southern wishful thinking–wishful thinking to deny that the “Cause” of the “Lost Cause” was chattel slavery.

Full disclosure:

When I attended that college back in the olden days, there were not enough black students there to make up a fraternity.


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