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Lies, Damned Lies, and Republicanisms 1

TPM reports:

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown said on Fox News last night the Obama administration wanted the oil spill to happen — and let it get really bad before stepping in so they’d have a good reason to scrap offshore drilling.

Today, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs struck back.

Attempting to blame the government–local, state, or federal–for BP’s incompetence and penny-pinching is beyond skullduggery, though the determination of the Republican Party to destroy the federal regulatory apparatus comes into play.

But by now we know that they will say anything and everything to advance their cause. Truth is not an issue in WingnutWorld.

The Rude Pundit addressed this oil-gusher-is-Obama’s-Katrina sort of garbage last week (If you follow the link, remember that the Rude Pundit’s nom de blog is well-deserved; his language is such that I had to expurgate the quote, and this was the mildest paragraph of the lot).

But until this happens, good, sweet conservative bags of . . . who need so desperately to drag this president down, the Gulf of Mexico oil leak is a corporate-created disaster, and it actually serves to demonstrate, starkly, and with a . . . sheen, as if the ocean floor is in the midst of a prolonged sweet crude ejaculation, the utter failure of deregulation and the . . . notion that capitalistic enterprises can police themselves when it comes to safety and environmental standards, whether it was, in this case, BP or Transocean or whoever. In other words, once again, as with so many things, this is about your ideology belly-flopping, much like, you know, when Katrina showed how years of neglect of the levees would lead to a nightmare.

As Harry Truman pointed out:

You can always count on the Republicans, in an election year, to remind the people of what the Republican Party really stands for. You can always count on them to make it perfectly clear before the campaign is over that the Republican Party is the party of big business, and that they would like to turn the country back to the big corporations and the big bankers in New York to run it as they see fit.

Times have changed. The Republican Party has not.

The Republican Party, now and ever the Party of Privilege.

All the rest is camouflage.


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