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Spill Here, Spill Now 0

The BP off shore drilling platform operated by Deepwater Horizons had a history of mistakes, spills, and accidents.

We are not surprised that Halliburton was involved.

Bacon’s Rebellion recounts the myths of off-shore drilling.

Indeed, these could be the myths of privatization of legitimate governmental functions.

Follow the link for a full explication:

  • Myth One: High technology will save us.
  • Myth Two: For-profit companies always operate for the public good.
  • Myth Three: You always know who works for you.
  • Myth Four: If a company says it is green, believe it.

Related: In 1999, U.S. report found failure of offshore rigs’ blowout preventers common.

Blowout prevention costs money. Money cuts into profits. Profits > Public Good. Q. E. D.


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